Who we are

Famas was founded in 1976, in Trivero, in the province of Biella, and has always been faithful to the high level of quality typical of these lands.

We are specialized in technical fabrics for the textile industry. In particular, satins and molletons wrappers for decatising, but also fabrics for various uses, in finishing and dyeing departments. For some time now, with ad hoc research projects, some of which are still ongoing, we have also developed insulation fabrics for the industry, but in the most varied sectors.

We are small, organized and we look for a continuous cooperation with our customers. We understand their problems and solve them. Their feedback is essential to continue to innovate, upgrade, improve and expand our product range.

There are three essential points of the Famas business commitment: Organization – Quality – Customer Service. Around them rotate the production of satin and molleton wrappers, fabrics that protect the cloth fabric in the delicate phase of decatising: rather complex operation as it must give the finished aspect to the product, the dimensional stability and give the “hand” to the fabric, an undoubted advantage in terms of final value.